Strategic Thinking Live Video (Thursdays)

Ended Dec 11, 2021

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Strategic Thinking

Students learn to think strategically and apply strategic concepts and tools to the fundamental functions and processes necessary to lead a business in a dynamic and highly competitive environment. Students develop higher level thinking skills by forming an integrated systems perspective of an organization. Students demonstrate their ability to convert their analysis into logical and persuasive recommendations. Students are challenged to improve their ability to resolve complex business issues, identify underlying problems, be open to new ideas that lead to innovative but feasible alternatives, and take actions that will meet the needs of their organization’s stakeholders.

Length 8 Weeks
Start Oct 18th

About This Course

Strategic Thinking is a required core course for our General Management, Marketing, Finance, Organizational Intelligence, Strategy, Global Supply Chain and Healthcare MBA programs. It is also required for our Leadership graduate certificate. This course provides key insight into applying strategic concepts and models within your organization and can be taken as a single course for leaders looking to better understand how to meet the needs of their organization’s stakeholders. If you are interested in enrolling in this course, you are encouraged to pre-register and we will follow up to help you complete your registration. Tuition per course is $3510 and will be invoiced the first week of class. You will earn three graduate credit hours upon successful completion of this course.


We prefer to offer a face-to face attendance option for our courses; however, we are committed to following CDC and governmental guidelines during the COVID19 crisis. We will return to offering the face-to-face delivery when it is allowed. In the meantime, all of our courses are offered via live video conference or online.